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What is an offshore company ?

In all jurisdictions, it is absolutely impossible to find the definition of the word “offshore company” in their Company Acts or Company Ordinances or Rules. Each country has her definition of the type of companies according to her laws. You may come across a lot of words such as Llc or Inc in USA, Limited or Ltd in UK, Sarl in France, Srl in Italy, Gmbh in Germany, etc. They may classify companies in terms of local company or overseas company, group company or individual company, listed company or unlisted company, limited company or unlimited company, private company or public company, holdings company or subsidiary company. In fact, offshore company can be found only in common practice for those professionals who provide offshore services for international business. From our understanding, offshore company is a company registered in other jurisdictions in which the local authority of your country has no ruling powers. Ruling power means government cannot enact such laws to control or rule over other territory of another jurisdiction. In you find from encyclopedia, you can see that an offshore company is defined as a company which is incorporated outside the jurisdiction of its primary operations.



Why go offshore ?

Many international businessmen prefer to register an offshore company instead of registering local companies, there are indeed some advantages. Some of which are outlined below:

a)      Tax benefits - if the business operations are arranged carefully the profits from the operations may become zero profits tax or a little profits tax.

b)      Simplified set up procedure and requirements – some offshore companies can be registered within the same day, other offshore companies may require only one person registered.

c)      Public undisclosure – some offshore companies allow public search, other offshore companies cannot get public search.

d)      Costs and the fees – some offshore companies cost a little money, only a hundred of dollars, other offshore companies may cost thousand of dollars.

e)      Reporting requirements – some offshore companies require periodic financial reports being filed, other offshore companies need not filing anything at all.

f)        Limited liabilities – almost all offshore companies are private limited company in nature, the investors who subscribe the shares of the offshore company are limited to contribute up to this amount (of the shares), and no more.

However, there are some drawbacks which must not be overlook.

a)      Financing – offshore companies are difficult to get lending from their local bankers even they are profitable or provide pledge of personal assets and personal guarantee.

b)      Opening an offshore bank account – as the public records are not available, it is difficult to open an offshore bank account. Some bankers even say that they will not open bank accounts for offshore companies.

c)      Types of business being done – offshore companies are common formed for such businesses as consulting, international trading, holding shares of other companies; but some nature of businesses are not allowed using offshore companies such as finance company, insurance compnay, trust company, etc.



Which jurisdictions are suitable for offshore companies ?

There are many jurisdictions they claim suitable for offshore companies, some are listed below:

Anguilla, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Brunei, Cayman Islands, Cook Islands, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Malaysia(Labuan), Marshall IslandsMauritiusNevisSamoaSeychelles, Singapore, St.Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Switzerland, Turks & Caicos Islands, Delaware (USA), UK, Vanuatu.

How to choose offshore company ?

There are in fact many jurisdictions for offshore companies, some may share common features. The common features are as below:

a) Set up documents – there must have Memorandum and Articles of Associations (M & A) which write down, briefly speaking, the powers and responsibilities of directors and shareholders, and how the internal structure of the offshore company is managed and operated.

b) Certificate of incorporation (CI) – it is the document which proves the company in existence and is in a legal entity, in legal term.

c) Registered agent or secretary – it is a common requirement that an offshore company must appoint a local agent or secretary responsible for dealing with all official communications or correspondings.

d) Registered office – it is also a common requirement that an offshore company must have a registered office and informs to Companies Registry that it is a legal address to receive all official correspondings.

e) Shareholders as owners of the company – in the initial M & A and other formation documents, the shareholders will subscribe and pick up the shares of an offshore company and become the owners of the company. There status is only an investor; they will not involve the management and operations of the offshore company.

f) Directors as managers (or employees) of the compnay – in the initial M & A and other formation documents, the directors will be appointed by the shareholders to manage and run the business of the offshore company. They are not owners of the company, nor investors. They are in law employees of the company.

g) Statutory records are required to be kept - the company law or rules require the company to keep updated statutory records of internal structure of company details such as the details of shareholders and their changes, the details of directors and their changes, the details of secretary and their changes, the share capital details and their changes, etc.

h) Annual renewals - almost all jurisdictions require their offshore companies to do annual renewal of licenses or keep updated filings, either internally or externally.

All jurisdictions will share the same features listed, but we think that the following are more common, in our opinion.

Belize, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, Marshall Islands, Mauritius, Nevis, Samoa, Seychelles, Delaware (US) and UK.



Which ones are the best ?

Belize, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, Marshall Islands, Mauritius, Nevis, Samoa, Seychelles, Delaware (US) and UK share the same advantages, disadvantages, or in common features. However, we have met some cases, you might be one of them in the future, one of them is listed below in regarding to the serious problem for offshore company.

Mr. Simon is a smart businessman. He runs international trading business. He made a lot of profits. At first, he came to Hong Kong and registered an offshore company using BVI as an offshore company and opened an offshore bank account, a couple of months later, the bank suspended his corporate bank account without a reason, but only sent a letter to him and explained that your money is suspected in our record.  The bank required Mr. Simon to prove how the money he got ? Mr. Simon came to Hong Kong and talked to the bank manager and explained that it is the money from my trading business. The bank manager asked for business proof., and said, “Do you have recorded proofs ?”. Mr. Simon explained that my business is done overseas, there is not required to keep any business record at all, my overseas agent hasn’t asked me to file accounts to BVI Companies Registry ? The bank manager said, “Sorry, I can’t help you”, you have no proof, we have to suspend your accounts until further noticed. Mr. Simon found a lawyer and suited the bank but at last got nothing. After the financial crisis, I heard from our clients that such things are now happening in other countries such as U.S.A, Western Countries, European Countries and EVEN IN such offshore islands such as BVI, Belize, , etc themselves.

Why ? ....... Are you now talking offshore gets NO benefits ? Are you asking me to register local company instead ? My own country charges me 50% profits tax ?  USA company charges higher. Even France company, UK company, Canada company, .... etc. How can I do ?

We have read a lot of offshore information, they seldom read out this serious problem, namely “How can you protect your money in offshore bank accounts from your offshore business”. Remember, if you do offshore business, it comes out only two results, good business result or bad business result. Being good business result means that a coupe of periods later your offshore bank account will have a lot of money.  How if I transfer all money to my local bank account ? Or transfer to other offshore bank accounts ? Think about it ? Is it safe ? I know that some governments rule out to their bankers that if they find significant bank movements or transactions, they are required in law to report to them. As given by international rules against money laundering or tax evasion, the local or international bankers are more cautious of the transactions of offshore bank accounts. How I can do ?

Don’t worry. I recommend one jurisdiction to you. It is the most safe. 

I recommend you to register Hong Kong company.

Why ?

 Why Hong Kong Company ?

Hong Kong is in international city, and in fact so many investors prefer to register Hong Kong company as their offshore company and run offshore business. In addition to the above benefits, I would like to highlight some you may not know:

1.    Hong Kong economy system is opened and market oriented with a little government intervention. Investors can choose what businesses they do. In fact, from global statistics records, Hong Kong is No. 1 economy freedom.

2.   The capital flows of money between Hong Kong and other countries are freedom,  and without controls or restrictions. All currencies such as US$, GBP, Japanese yen, etc are remitted freely between Hong Kong and other countries.

3.    Offshore business activities are 100% tax free. The Hong Kong tax law has confirmed that only local business is subject to profits tax, overseas business registered in Hong Kong is offshore business and so is not subject to Hong Kong profits tax. For example, if the international businessman engages in international trading in such as way that he buys goods from China and sells to UK or USA. If both buying activities and selling activities are not happened in Hong Kong, then the profits from that trading business are regarded as offshore profits, and are not subject to Hong Kong profits tax.

4.   Low tax rate. Even the business is done in Hong Kong, the tax rate is only 16.5% of net profits. The tax rate is absolutely low, with no other tax systems such as VAT, business tax, capital gains tax, etc.

5.   Formation requirement is very simple. An overseas person can be appointed as the shareholder and director of a Hong Kong company, he only finds local professional firms to provide appointment of secretary and provide registered office address.

6.   No capital investment is required. The shareholder is only required to sign up the M & A to declare that he will contribute capital to the company, and he doesn’t require to pay money to the company.

7.   Free use of company name. In other countries, some names are not freely used such as Holding, Group, International ...., etc. However, in Hong Kong, the name is freely used, provided that they are not registered in Hong Kong.

8.     It is easy to open an offshore bank account with using Hong Kong company, the investor is required to provide his address proofs, passsport copy, Hong Kong company formation documents and a general description of his business. Many international bankers can accept the above documents and can open an offshore bank account with multi-currencies and internet banking facilities included within a couple of days, or even in some cases the same day.

9.   Legal system is using common law and equity that applied in UK and other Commonwealth countries.

10. The common form of Hong Kong company is private limited company. It is private in nature and limited in liability for shareholders.

11. Corporate structuring is allowable. An overseas company can be appointed as corporate shareholder and director of Hong Kong company. For example, a BVI company can be apponinted as a director and shareholder of Hong Kong company.

12. Trust law is applicable in Hong Kong. If the investor, for his personal reasons, wants his status being hidden, he can do so with a trust arrangement that the trustee holds the shares for him (as a beneficiary) and he holds the trust deed which proves him a real owner of the shares. The trust law is applicable in Hong Kong. Remember trust documents or such laws are not enforceable, ineffective, invalid or void in other countries such as China.

13. Accounting records are required to keep, and annual statutory audits are required to file to Hong Kong Tax Departments.  

 Please note this final point.  It seems a disadvantage.  However, it is an advantage too.  This point is also the reason why we suggest choosing Hong Kong company as an offshore company.  Before understanding more, please read some Hong Kong key laws.

In IRD (Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong) law, S.51 has clearly required Hong Kong Company to keep proper records and accounts for all businesses so as to ascertain the true figures of incomes, losses or expenses for tax purposes.
S.14 of IRD law says that the profits are chargeable to Hong Kong profits tax if the business activities are done in Hong Kong.  In other words, if the business activities are not done in Hong Kong, the profits are not chargeable to Hong Kong profits tax. .The strong leading cases such as Hang Seng Bank case and HK-TVB have ruled out that offshore profits are tax free.
Hong Kong only charges local profits tax, not offshore profits tax. 

Hong Kong Company law also requires the Hong Kong company to keep proper books of accounts so as to produce annual financial statement. It requires an auditor to be appointed annually to audit the financial statements and issue an auditor report in case for all business activities done in Hong Kong. 
What is the purpose ? First, the audited reports are required to lay down before the Annual General Meetings (AGM) for sharehoders to discuss and get approval; secondly, the most important for the investors, it is required to file to the IRD (Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong) and reported to the IRD that the Company has done business and has made a lot of profits and now request to claim exemption of profits tax. Under the general procedure works, the IRD will give notice to you an evidence that the profits are not subject to Hong Kong profits tax. Government has your proven records that your huge money comes from legal business. 

In fact, it is the procedure I never find in other countries that:

1) the offshore company keeps accounts and records;

2) Appointment of auditor to do the audit and issue an auditor report;

3) hold AGM and approve an audited account and file to IRD;

4) file relevant documents to IRD and claim offshore profits;

5) the IRD confirms that your company is not required to pay tax (Sample of such letter you can see under the page of Order Form Section).


How wonderful, isn’t it ? You, as international investors, do international business, and you only find a good offshore professional to handle all the paper works for you, and do annual paper works for you and claim offshore profits. It means you pay zero tax, even you made million, or billion of dollars. 


How wonderful, isn’t it ? You, as international investors, do international business, and you only find a good offshore professional to handle all the paper works for you, so that YOU CAN concentrate on your profitable businesses. 


Who are you ? Why are you getting so much offshore knowledge ?

Our firm is Stephen M.S. Lai & Co. CPA. We are a CPA firm and are situated in Hong Kong (a well known international commercial city) with international based clients coming from global world.  We provide professional services for international investors and businessmen for

- Hong Kong Company Fomation

Offshore Company Formation

- Chinese WFOE setup
- Auditing and accounting
- Consultations
- Company secretary
- Company taxation and tax planning
Offshore bank account
Trust arrangements

*** With Trust Arrangement ***
We will prepare for two documents, trust agreements and Power of Attorney (POA).  In the trust agreements, we will declare that we act as trustee by providing nominee shareholders and we will declare that we hold the shares for you as a beneficiary.  Therefore, in public searchs, your identity is hidden.   The trust agreements will be stamped so that it takes legal effects.
In the POA, we will provide both natural nominee director for you and corporate nominee director that we will issue powers of the managers and will sign back to you so that given the POA you can sign any contracts of the company.

We use our professional knowledge and experience to render the professional services our clients, existing or potential, request so as to expand their businesses overseas.

Our clients come from different businesses including consulting, manufacturing, professionals, trading, ... and so on. They come from overseas, Hong Kong and Mainland China.


Senior Partner of Stephen M.S. Lai & Co.CPA

Mr. Stephen Lai

FCCA (a fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certificate Accountants)

HKICPA (a practising member of Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants)

MBA ( Master of Business Administration from Heriot-Watt University, UK)

PDA (Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration from Heriot-Watt University,UK)

PCA (Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration from Heriot-Watt University,UK)

LLB (Undergraduate of Law Degree from Nottingham Trent University, UK)


Here is person whom you can trust and whom you can rely on. Stephen says, “I have provided professional services for my clients, overseas, local or mainland china, for decades. I have used my professional knowledge and experience to advise my clients for offshore issues, help them to solve the issues they have.” 



Here are their says:

Mr. Lyle Laxton says, “Stephen is helpful and professional. He can reply me what I need for my business. I can open my bank account within a couple of weeks. This man, I totally trust him.”


Mr. Victor Draganiuc say, “I never meet such guy who is patient, responsible and trustful. He can claim my offshore profits. It is real tax free with proven.


Mr. Zaini say, “I had used online formation service previously and registered one BVI company, but I cannot open my bank account. The service provider is not helpful. Their after-sales service is bad. Stephen is a good guy. He can open a bank account for me at Standard Chartered.” 

"The latest comments from my client (XXX March 2010)
Dear Stephen,Just to inform you that the application you made on my behalf is successful (thanks to you) so I received from HSBC:
My account number (XXXXXXXXXXXX)
Security Device, activation PIN and User short name
ATM card and PIN number
I returned back to the bank, via registered mail, the acknowledge receipt forms for the ATM card (to activate it,) and for the Security Device.
So everything seems perfect... Thanks a lot again for your help.
I'll let you informed of next events.
Eric Piers
De XXXXX Limited"

On 20 April 2010, client's comments:
Dear Stephen,

I would like to thank you and your company, all has been done with HSBC in a perfect way, the account is open and fully operational.
You did a great job and I will recommend your services to some of my partners and clients.
I have been more than satisfied and again I would to thanks you for the professional job.
Have a good day, I will not miss to contact you again in the future if needed.

Date: 7 July 2010
Beneficiary: Giulliano BN
Hi All, i spent sometime searching on net where i could open my company in HK
and i found Chui Lai & Co i added Mr Stephen on my skype and wait some hours due to Country time difference.
When i was preparing to shut down windows Stephen went online.
Today after 2-3 weeks i received my fantastic package with all tools ready to start work with it, so im very happy that i found him, he is very professional with his work, he explained to me all the steps to open a company, explained to me what was the best option to me and everything, of course on first 10-20 minutes i stay worried thinking if i could trust but its normal, his attention gave to me a trust level because i make him wait some days to test if he was going to continue to answer my questions.
So, my last words for Mr Stephen is GREAT JOB could not be less than it for a GREAT PROFESSIONAL!
PS: if someone wants to confirm if im telling the true ask him my email will be a pleasure to confirm my comments with anyone....

Att: Giulliano

12 July 2010
Dear Mr. Stephen Lai
I confirm having received Activation PIN and security device from HSBC HK today, which is working fine for my online Banking. Many thanks for your kind help and co-operation. Please let me know if I could be of any assistance to you from Mumbai/India.
Best Regards
Mumbai - India

27 July 2010
The overall experience is quite pleasant for me.
It is the first company that I set up without being involved by myself.
Of course, there was quite a bit of uncertainty and concerns, etc.
he fundamental worry is that I will be left alone and nobody would be there to answer my question.
I asked a lot of questions, confirmed each step during the process: Stephen is a very helpful guy; who basically answered all my questions without empty promises. 
Stephen is always there; that really assures me that things will go well in the hands of Stephen. and things did go very well.
I have the company setup, name changed, bank account sorted out. All that I would like to say is Thank you to Stephen.
Thanks, Stephen.


David wei Song

keway enterprises limited


15 August 2010

Dear Stephan,

We are glad and happy to receive the incorporation documents intact

We whole heartily thank you and you team for the wonderful service

Kindest regards


jesurathinam joshua


28 Oct 2010

Hi Stephen

I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service setting up my BVI account.  The whole process was very straight forward and professional from start to finish.  I will recommend your services to people in the future.  Just a couple of questions:

Is the annual renewal due 12 months after registration date?

Will you send me a reminder for this?

What is your charge for the renewal?

Many Thanks




Hello Mr Lai:

Thank you for your assistance in the Stratford Reserve Company formation and the account opening at HSBC. Everything is good.


Brian Gibson

Stratford Reserve Limited


9 Nov 2010

From Felix Software / Podgrebelny Alexander

Dear Stephen, I received the documents to the bank account and bank

cards. Thank you very much for your help and that did not disappoint.

With you a pleasure to work and I'll recommend you to their friends.

The bank account I safely activated. But there was one question that I

can not decide. How do I transfer the authorized capital to a bank

account. Where can I find my bank details and bank account?


Podgrebelny Alexander


25 Nov 2010

SMART Trade Ent.

Hello Stephen

I just wanted to say that I received last week the token from HSBC. All working perfectly.

Thanks a lot for your help and for promptness...


27 Nov 2010

Dear Stephen

Everythings fine with bank for now Thank You.

We also open online account in MoneyBookers and now they send a letter

to proof adress of our company. Please send as a scan of this letter

as soon as You will get it.

Best Regards



30 Nov 2010

Dear Stephen Lai,

I have received all corporate documents and have received SMS confirmation for both bank accounts being

setup with HSBC, still awaiting security devices but expect to see them in the next few days. Thank you

kindly for you thoroughness and for facilitating the setup of both entities and bank accounts, a job well done!

I have another entity, Marketec Capital, a BVI corporation, already formed, before becoming aware of your

services. I do have a bank account setup already but would like to have another bank account setup with

HSBC Hong Kong, can you facilitate this as well? I can provide you with a copy of the corporate

documents, etc as necessary.

Look forward to hearing back from you and again, thanks for your excellent work in setting these entities.

Kind regards,

Murray Grovum


4 Dec 2010


Thanks Stephen,

I received the DHL packet from HSBC!

I got the token and a pin and will sign the document and send it back to you for the bank.

Can you confirm the address I should send it to?

Also, the document mentions a separate activation code that I would receive by sms. What's with that?




9 Dec 2010

Dear Stephen,

Just sending this email to express our gratitude for incorporating INTERCOR CONSULTANCY LIMITED

and openning the offshore bank account for us. The account is up and running now, and our business has commenced smoothly.

I shall speak to you soon, enquiring the annual financial audit, AGM and book keeping

Kind Regards,


M.Eng PhD MIChemE CEng

Technical Director

26th Floor (Penthouse), Tower 2, EtiQa Twins,

11, Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA


15 Dec 2010

Dear Stephen,

Thanks for processing my registration through your office. I am very happy with the proceedings as they

happened quickly.

For the bank account at HSBC I do have one question.

I received a confidential letter from the bank yesterday (dated November 27) that my Business Debit Card

with the mentioned PIN is ready for collection one week from the date of that advice.

Now how could I obtain this card myself so I can use it in Phnom Penh, Cambodia?

You answer will be greatly appreciated.

With regards,

Ramon Stoppelenburg


19 Jan 2011


Dear Stephen,

I have already received all the bank tokens and my company´s documentation. I have only the best

comments for your services, you provided awesome assistance.

Thank you for making company set up so simple.

Best regards,



25 Jan 2011


Dear Stephen

I received the folder with the company documents (Genco LTD)

It looks professional job/ Thank you!


15 Mar 2011

Chanks and Co Limited

Once arriving to mr stephen office i knew i was in good hands. He and his team are very professional. They help me during all the process and they keep their word regarding timeline.

Stephen ms lai is the place to go when u need an offshore company.


Sokhona Talibe


22 Mar 2011

Dear Stephen,

Du Volt Limited

First of all thanks for your help and assistance with company registering.

I've got the black file with company documents and letters from HSBC.

So everything seems to be fine. Job done very well!


Best regards,



9 May 2011

Dear Stephen,

We'd like to send our great thanks to your service, we've registered

successfully our company with the name  XXXX  LIMITED, and we

also receive all documents from you as well as from bank side.

Thanks for your consultancy




10 May 2011

Dear Stephen,

I received the initial pin and the token device for e-banking from the bank.

Now, I just have to send the receipt to the bank to activate e-banking.

Thank you for your assistance.

Kind regards


Fortress Capital Group Limited


11 May 2011

Dear Mr.Stephen

Happy to inform you that I received the Internet banking kit . Account is activated now. Thanks for your Job.

Thanks and regards


Bangalore  : +XX (0)9XX5665 103

Fax Number : +XX (0)XX6 XXX5 558



Dear Stephen Lai

Thank you for helping me out with my company formation and bank account everything has gone well..

Company name: Global Trading Evolution Limited

Date of commencement: 01-02-2011

Certificate No: 53706930-000-02-11-A

Tel: 2151-8009

Fax: 3579-3155

Thank you

Albert Bozickovic



Dear Stephen,

I want to thank you and your staff for establishing Gegki Limited, for answering all!! my questions in such a professional way, and for assisting with the HSBC account opening. 

Thank you Stephen for your great performance. 

My best to you,

Ivonne Estrada

Gegki Limited



Dear Stephen,

Today we received PIN code and security device and our bank account is active now.

I would like to say thank you for kind cooperation. I know that I push you so much,

but I hope you understand my reason.






Below are the BANKS NETWORKS we classify as three types (which we are working with):

1) Offshore bank by remote process

2) Banks in Hong Kong by visit (Special request by remote)

3) Singapore banks by visit or (special requsest by remote)

4) European banks by remote or (special request by remote)

5) Switzerland banks by remote

6) UAE banks by remote or visit

that we can Guarantee that you must get opened, or we will refund back to you.





 The following offshore international bankers in which we are working with (which we can proceed by remote) (GUARANTEE OPEN UNDER GUARANTEE SCHEME):

in Anguilla
in Andorra
in Antigue
in Belize
in B.V.I
in Caymen Islands
in Cook Islands
in Lebanon
in Mauritius
in Nevis
in Pamana
in Seychelles,
in St Lucia
  in St. Vincent
and in Vanuatu

that we can open an offshore bank account for you without visiting bank office for all offshore jurisdictions, with the documents given a)  Formation Documents b) Passport copy and c) Address proof copy  (Note: some bankers might need business proofs in case of clients from risky countries like North Korea, etc) 
(As different banks have different bank accounts opening policies, it is better that we evaluate your case after the application form submitted and we will recommend what banks do fit to you so as to assist you to perform your international global business, and enjoy legal tax free.)  






HSBC (Hong Kong), OCBC Wing Hang Bank,
Hang Seng Bank, Public Bank
CitiBank (Hong Kong), China Citic Bank
Dah Sing Bank, Nan Yang Bank
DBS Bank, 
ICICI Bank (Indian Bank) and
Bank of China

we will prepare for the bank requested documents and other documents for you, and we will make appointment for you to the bankers and submit the documents to the bank for processes and you will get the bank account opened with accounts number, token, and password and company debit card very soon.  In some csaes clients get accounts number within hours within the same day (The exact time do depends upon the nationality of the client, adequacy of requested documents and the type of business being performed).(The acceptance of appointment or not is depending upon the current policies of the banks themselves)


What if I want a bank account in Hong Kong but I cannot visit Hong Kong ?
We have some aging companies having active bank accounts in Hong Kong at HSBC. We can arrange the company transferred to you together with the bank account. We can do it by remote. If you need more information, please e-mail to us for details.
We also work with special banks in Hong Kong that we can open bank accounts in Hong Kong by remote upon special request.  If you want to get more information, just contact us for details.


Package fee for Hong Kong or offshore company + Banks in Singapore

 ​*** In case you want to go to Singapore and open bank accounts there, we can make the appointments and arrangements and submit all documents (including company formation documents, passport and proof of address, and relevant other documents as requested by the banks) to the banks before you go there. First you choose the bank you want to open, then we will submit the Documents to banks for checking, and get pre-approval, after that we will make appointment for you to the bank the Day and Time for a meeting. In this arrangement, you can make a schedule which is fit to you, and inform us the day and time you can go to Singapore, then we will arrange to your schedule make the Day and Time for you for a meeting. You only go there for 30 minutes and can get the bank accounts processed and opened.

Note as it has pre-approval, so it will not spend your time and fare to go Singapore, nor you need to stay there in the hotel. You only stay there within MINUTES.  






We guarantee clients must get opened in the follow European banks under Guarantee Scheme




Czech Public











We guarantee clients must get opened in the Switzerland banks by remote under Guarantee Scheme.


 We guarantee clients must get opened in the UAE banks by remote or visit under Guarantee Schcme.


If you want to get more information, just contact us for details 








What you do next ?

You only fill up the formation form to us, we will revaluate your case and recommend which bankers are suitable for you. We can guarantee that we can open an offshore bank accounts for you and guarantee you your offshore operations are LEGALLY TAX FREE confirmed from your offshore operations.

In 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, we are rewarded as the best partner with HSBC and Heng Seng Bank. 

What ‘s you do next ? Just go to Order Form section and download the form, and fill up the details and e-mail back to us. Our staff will prepare for relevant documents and e-mail back to you for signing, together with other documents such as bank documents. If you have further issues, please click right top chat to me or e-mail to me for further issues. Incorporation with Stephen M.S Lai & Co. CPA, our formation price (please go to relevant jurisdiciton headings) will have the following:
-free name check
-draft up Articles of Association 
-certificate of incorporation
-business registration certificate
-printed 5 copies of M & A
-a statutory minutes
-a share certificate
-a signature chop and a round acknowledged chop
-a black file
-an original formation documents
-a certified copy of formation documents

Now, we are also including the following:
-Free mail forwarding (for a year)
-Appointment of corporate secretary and local agency for a year
-Providing registered office and business address for a year
-Free public telephone line for a year
-Free public fax line for a year

So download the form and do it right now !